Pro Age Routine
Pro Age Routine
Pro Age Routine
Pro Age Routine
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Pro Age Routine


A simple skincare regime packed with powerful ingredients to combat pigmentation marks and blemishes, improve skin tone through a lifting effect and provide a defence system for your skin’s natural barrier against daily external aggressors.

Solution For

  • Blemishes and pigmentation
  • People who want an uncomplicated skincare regime
  • People with busy lifestyles
  • Protection against environmental aggressors
  • Uneven skin tone


  • Combats blemishes and unwanted pigmentation
  • Delivers a lifting effect
  • Has a smoothing effect
  • Skin barrier protection against harsh elements

This includes

Replenish Face Oil – A lightweight oil that delivers smooth and hydrated looking skin and provides a protective barrier against external factors that can lead to the physical signs of premature ageing. 

Revitalise Face Serum – An invigorating serum that provides deep skin hydration and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother skin tone. 

Revitalise Face Moisturiser – A lightweight gel moisturiser that minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone while fighting the effects of free radical damage and delivering a hydrating and smoothing effect.

Featured Ingredient: Jojoba

How to use

Replenish Face Oil – After using your chosen YORA serum, apply and massage all over the face and neck. 

Revitalise Face Serum – Apply to face and neck until fully absorbed. Suitable for all skin types.

Revitalise Face Moisturiser – In the morning, apply desired amount to face and neck after your chosen YORA serum. Can be used as a primer. Suitable for all skin types.