Pollution Protect Routines

Products in these routines have been carefully formulated and chosen for active and busy people who spend a lot of time outdoors for their play and fun activities or commuting to work, or for those people sitting under bright lights, staring at computer screens in air-conditioned environments.

The actives and ingredients in these routines and products will help combat signs of premature ageing from daily exposure and will protect and repair your skin from free radicals. Together, they work towards improving skin texture and appearance overall while providing protection of your skin’s natural barrier to help fight oxidative damage, redness and inflammation that can result from environmental aggressors. 

We have three Pollution Protect routines carefully curated to assist you with your choice of the best products for your skin. These routines will assist in combatting blemishes and pigmentation and provide protection from daily aggressors when you are commuting to work or simply going about your day.