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Words by Antoinette Barnardo

Suberlift™ is a clinically proven botanical instant smoothing tensor that lifts and firms the skin. Being a natural extract of the cork oak (Quercus suber), it contains the active ingredient suberin. Suberin is a lipophilic macromolecule present in specialized plant cell walls. It has a firming anti-wrinkle action on the skin. Since suberin can be obtained from renewable and sustainable plant sources, it has been identified as a sustainable beauty ingredient that is increasingly used in clean, eco-friendly beauty products.

Hydrolyzed suberin provides biofunctional Suberlift™ with an immediate and medium-term skin tightening effect. Suberlift™ creates a microcrystalline network that binds to the skin surface in order to lift and tighten it. Given that this active also boosts collagen synthesis, it aids in improving the skin’s appearance and slows down signs of aging over time.

Words by Antoinette Barnardo