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Words by Antoinette Barnardo

FILMEXEL® is a biomimetic active ingredient that is eco-designed through innovative technology. With its interpenetrating network of natural biopolymers, this active forms a resistant, flexible, and non-occlusive film on the epidermis, thereby mimicking the skin’s properties and functions.

FILMEXEL® protects and lifts the skin with perceptible efficacy, thanks to its second-skin and anti-aging benefits. Its dense meshwork acts as a natural barrier for the skin against harmful exogenous agents (particulate matter, allergens, irritants). Also, its tensor effect is instantly visible even when incorporated into a foundation. On top of that, its smoothing and anti-wrinkle efficacy have been proven in various formulas at different doses. As a result, FILMEXEL® offers a more radiant and attractive appearance that is visible from the first application.

Words by Antoinette Barnardo